How the Rapid Reboot can help improve your recovery!

Drs. Philip and Angela Rodger
Owners of Synchrony Chiropractic

Have you seen that blue chair that sits in the corner of the therapy room in the office and ever wondered… “What is that even for?” Well, let me tell you all about it!

That chair is actually a zero gravity chair and when you lean back all the way in the chair it puts your body in a position to minimize pressure on your spine and joints. The reason they call it a “zero gravity” position is because when astronauts stay in a relaxed position in space this is the position that the body naturally moves towards.

While the zero gravity chair is great, that’s not what’s going to help you get better results faster, although you may want to take a nap in it. The Rapid Reboot Recovery System can be fantastic to help flush out excess soreness that may show up after a treatment, if you’re training hard for an upcoming race, or just getting back into the gym and working out again.

The way the system works is all of the attachments (legs, hips, and arms) are hooked up to a small air compressor that intelligently inflates the attachments to flush the extremities from the bottom up to push any lactic acid or soreness towards your body so it can be flushed out. At first, it can feel a little uncomfortable due to the pressure, (don’t worry we can always turn the pressure down) but after a while, it really starts to feel good and you can feel the blood rushing to flush your arms and/or legs.

We can fully customize your treatment by adjusting the time, the amount of pressure, how the attachments are inflated, and even where the air is placed. We also offer a multitude of options on how you can start using this therapy from a one-time use, to packages, and even an unlimited monthly membership option.

If you’ve never used this before your first session on the Rapid Reboot Recovery System will be 100% free to try it out!

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