Animal Chiropractic


Stages of Animal Care

Chiropractic care is safe for all species of animals. Chiropractic care is not a substitute for vet care but rather integrative with your primary vet to take a full 360 degree approach to health.

Initial Visit – We take a little more time on the first visit to understand the full history of your animal and to get a care plan in place. We analyze gait, perform neurological and orthopedic tests and establish a care plan.

Acute Care – This care is more frequent and is corrective in nature. This is where we help reduce pain, improve function and mobility.

Maintenance Care – This care is to help maintain your animal’s current condition. Ideal for keeping your athlete in the game or keeping your senior comfortable.

We Treat Large Animals

We treat all kinds of horses with animal chiropractic to improve their performance and overall health. Animal Chiropractic is not only needed when your horse is in pain or they are showing signs of lameness. We have experience working with: Hunter Jumpers, Eventing Horses, Show Jumpers, Race Hourses, Western Pleasure, Barrel Racing, Roping Horses, Lesson Horses, Trail Horses, and even Therapy Horses.

Horses are not the only large animals that can get chiropractic care either.

Dairy cows, bulls, pigs, sheep, goats, and other large farm animals can be treated with animal chiropractic too!

Farmers attest that when their cows get regular animal chiropractic care that they are happier, they have less injuries, get sick less often and they have even reported that not only do the cows produce more milk, but they report that the milk quality is better too!

We Treat Small Animals

We love taking care of all the smaller animals that have become such large part of our lives, too!

Animal Chiropractic can be very beneifical if you have a sport dog that competes in agility, fly ball, dock diving, herding, barn hunt, or disc fetching. We want to enhance their naturual athleticism and keep them at peak performance levels so you have an edge against your competition.

Animal Chiropractic also is great to keep your protection dog, K9 officers, medical alert, service dogs, therapy dogs and/or senior dogs performing and feeling their best as well.

We don’t want you to think that when it comes to the small animals that we only work on dogs!

We have lots of clients that have had us treat their other small animals such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more.

The cats that we treat on a regular basis will tell you first hand that after they get their animal chiropractic treatments that they feel purrrfect!

How do we know if an animal needs an adjustment?

Behavioral changes

Changes in gait






Changes in appetite

Favors one lead or direction

Doesn’t fetch or play as before

Cannot rest in a comfortable position

Trouble getting up