10 Creative Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence and Feel Real Self Love

Drs. Philip and Angela Rodger
Owners of Synchrony Chiropractic

Nearly 80% of women and 34% of men don’t like their bodies.

We live in a world where it seems like we’re led to believe that there always has to be something you don’t like about yourself. That’s simply not true!

When it comes to body confidence, you shouldn’t feel like you’re left alone in the dark. Here are ten ways to boost your self-confidence and leave you feeling great in your own skin.


Instead of measuring things in terms of pounds or inches lost, focus on your health. If you have great cholesterol and good blood pressure, you’re doing great!

Focus on your health and measure things like:

  • Physical progress. Can you run or walk that mile in a shorter amount of time?
  • Healthier eating. Are you able to enjoy healthier snacks without craving junk food?
  • Better feelings. Do you simply feel better in your clothes or does a new shirt look better on you? That’s a win!

Pounds lost doesn’t always equal healthier. Changing the way you view health can help you celebrate victories that actually matter.


Want to know how to feel more confident? Love your body, no matter how you look. But, it’s easier to love your body if you are showing it love on a regular basis.

We’re not talking about indulging in chocolate and wine every night of the week. Instead, learn how to treat your body right. Show it some love in the form of a weekly or monthly massage.

Face masks, massages, yoga classes, and even meditation are all forms of self-love that can help you nourish your body.


Give yourself permission to take a break from worrying about your body.

Who told you that you always have to feel concerned about the way that you look? Nobody! Take a break from the worrying.

Instead, focus that energy into other things, like your personal or professional progression. Read a book, disconnect, and reset your brain.

If it helps, tell yourself that you can take one or two days off a week from trying to be healthier. Forget about counting calories and hours of activity.


It’s hard to get through a long fitness or nutrition journey if you don’t keep track of the small little victories. These are important, too!

Create a Google Docs folder titled “Victories.” Make special documents describing the daily goals you meet. Add photos and memes.

Nobody is going to celebrate these small victories for you. It’s okay to celebrate them yourself! You are, after all, getting healthy for you.


If you have low body confidence, it might be because are buying into some silly lie society has told you. Meditating can help with that kind of reconditioning.

Spending twenty minutes a day practicing mindfulness is a great way to clear your head and figure out where this issue is coming from.

Sitting in silence with yourself will also help you heal over time. This is a form of self-love that’s important when it comes to weight loss and physical transformation.


Social media causes self-consciousness. You’ll never learn how to be confident with your body if you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people’s edited and airbrushed photos.

You never know what kinds of magical angles they’re pulling to take that selfie. And, it’s so addicting that it’s hard not to log on and browse other people’s lives. Instead, take a break from social media.

Deactivate your accounts for a week just to begin with. You’ll see how much more body confidence you have when you don’t feel obligated to compare yourself to others.


One of the best body confidence tips is to go shopping. A lot of the time, people who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin simply aren’t wearing the right kinds of clothes to compliment their body type.

Research shows that the clothes you wear actually do change the way you think and behave. So, it’s time to go shopping!

Ask for the help of a trusted friend or splurge a bit on a stylist. Or, invest in a fashion magazine that caters to your body type. This will give you a good idea of what works for you.


Positive self-talk is so important when it comes to body confidence. Be nice to yourself! Never say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to somebody else.

Getting out and being nice to others also helps. Sign up for a volunteer opportunity as a way to show kindness to others. Oftentimes, this helps people remove themselves from their own situation to see the bigger picture.

The nicer you are to others, the more you’ll be able to learn how to be nice to yourself.


Feeling down about your body not being up to par with others? Aside from stopping that type of self-criticism and comparison, it can be helpful to make a list. Write down everything amazing that your body does.

Our bodies are amazing machines that work really hard. From protecting our organs to sending brain signals to control our limbs, the human body is a beautiful thing.

Research all that your body does for you in order to feel grateful about how it’s working to keep you alive. After a bit of research, you’ll realize that those extra twenty or thirty pounds don’t really matter.


Literally, keep your chin up. Standing up straight and practicing great posture can help you naturally feel more confident.

In the 14th century, one zen master even believed that sitting straight up with open, relaxed shoulders joined the body and mind. He believed that this improved thought quality and confidence.

Try it. Straighten your back, lift your chin up and project a sense of self-confidence. Pretty soon, you’ll start to believe yourself.


If these ten tips aren’t enough to get you feeling confident in your own skin, then you might want to invest in body confidence in different ways.

Our ChiroThin program includes dietary and behavioral modification guidance. It also includes a strategy to help you maintain long-term weight loss.

By investing in this type of nutritional help, you can begin to see changes in your body that will help you feel more confident.

Ready to give it a try? Find a ChiroThin Doctor near you to begin your journey towards self-acceptance.

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