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Our main goal is to help your body perform at it’s very best for as long as possible. The human body is incredibly smart and can do some amazing things. The system that communicates every decision that your body makes is your nervous system. Adjustments remove any interference to the nervous system so that the brain can properly communicate every command allowing our bodies to heal faster and more efficiently. Adjustments also help to increase function of your immune system and decrease stress. Both Dr. Angela and Dr. Philip are trained in a number of techniques including: diversified, Thompson, activator and sacral occipital technique, so that we can best serve each practice member’s needs.

Myofascial Release

Muscles create movement that allows us to do all of the awesome things that we as people can do. Every muscle, tendon and ligament is surrounded by a “wapper” called fascia. When we workout hard or injury a muscle or tendon the body will develop small scars and adhesions between these “wrappers” that become knots in our muscles that hurt and don’t allow proper movements to occur.

Myofascial release breaks up these adhesions in the body allowing for shorter recovery times and increased movement. Dr. Angela and Dr. Philip use tools developed by Rock Tape to assist in breaking up these adhesions as well as using Rock Tape itself to further assist in the healing process and to facilitate proper movement patterns.


Dr. Angela and Dr. Philip also pride themselves in their ability to help people reach all aspects of their health goals including weight goals. We have a multitude of professional grade whole food supplements that we can integrate into your care to take a whole body approach. Whether you just want to lose some weight, improve your mood or have support through a body purification/detoxification process we would love to help you every step of the way.

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