The Ultimate List of Fat Burning Foods

Drs. Philip and Angela Rodger
Owners of Synchrony Chiropractic

In the quest to find a truly effective list of fat burning foods, you might be forgiven for thinking the huge array of options out there has no end.

From barley-battered tree bark to ghee glazed gelatin, your options are numerous (and often ridiculous).

What you need is a list of some of the best, most straightforward, honest-to-God fat burning foods out there, without any tricks or gimmicks.

Luckily for you, that’s exactly what you’re about to read. Join us today, as we unpack fourteen of the best tummy trimming foods out there, based on their ability to cut fat, alone.

There are no cheap tricks or ridiculous promises of “fat melting foods” here. Just good nutrition, for improved weight loss.


This is quite possibly one of the most popular additives for weight loss today. Which is great, because it’s easy to work into your diet, and the effects are quite well documented.

According to studies, the process is relatively simple. Simply add 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water in the mornings and drink. The mixture helps to suppress your appetite, aid in digestion and impact your insulin regulation, all of which can help bust that belly!


Chia seeds are a slightly more recent addition to the list of world’s best fat loss foods but are no less effective because of that.

The science behind it is relatively straightforward: two tablespoons of these seeds contain nearly ten grams of fiber. Fiber-rich foods keep you full for longer. Therefore, a chia recipe or two means less chance of snacking later on.


This particular weight loss tip applies to most spicy foods, but cayenne pepper is one of the more accessible spices for most at-home chefs.

The thermogenic reaction of capsaicin in digestion speeds up metabolisms and suppresses cravings.


Agreed by many to be the best fat-fighting oils on the market, coconut oil combines various fatty acids which affect your metabolism. These Medium Chain Triglycerides are digested differently than other fats, aiding weight loss when used in a diet.


Grapefruit is a great weight loss food for no reasons other than that it’s extremely nutritious. Working one of these tart bad boys into your daily eating plan brings out the best in whatever you’re eating. Enjoy a half a grapefruit before healthy fat burning foods and drinks for a fuller feeling stomach and added nutrition.


Chicken, the world’s most popular white meat, tops out most lists of healthy diet foods. If you’re looking for a healthy protein, it’s easy to see why.

A lean meat, with very little fat, chicken packs a protein punch, while flooding you with healthy calcium and phosphorous. Not only all of this, but it’s delicious, and the recipes you can use it in are basically endless.


When you’re on a diet, one of the easiest experiences to miss is snacking on a bowl of M&Ms, Cheetos or some other high-fat snack-by-the-handful food.

Enter the humble almond. Now, these nuts are high in fat, making them a risky health food to get right, but they can also be incredibly filling and very nutritious if eaten properly. Your best bet is to work them into your daily eating plan meals in moderation, as a short fun food, rather than something prolonged and large.


As luck would have it, everybody’s favorite sinful black beverage is also great for weight loss (sorry, no, not you, Coke).

Whether hot or cold, a cup of black coffee can help promote weight loss by shooting you full of caffeine, which actually suppresses hunger.

Coffee is known to stimulate thermogenesis, like cayenne pepper, heating up the body and boosting your metabolism.


It turns out, your mom was right: the best thing you can do for yourself is to finish your greens. Calorie burning foods like kale, spinach, Swiss chard and collard greens help to keep your body stocked with nutrients and iron. This keeps your muscles burning calories even after you’re done working out, with obvious benefits for your weight loss.


Much like Chia seeds, earlier on this list, the major benefit to eating chickpeas lies in their high fiber content. A healthy chickpea dinner, while being delicious, also means you’re more likely to feel full, and less likely to want to snack, later on.


Nut butters, in general, are great for weight loss, but in terms of effect versus cost, peanut butter wins out every time. Inexpensive and tasty, this spreadable dream is high in protein and healthy fats, both of which will help burn fats and keep you feeling full.


Avocados have become a bit of a weight loss superstar in recent years, and with good reason. Packed full of heart-healthy oils, these fat burning superfoods (technically fruits) offer a nutritious side to any meal. And they taste great (but you already knew that).


For a tasty interlude into what might be a boring healthy diet (we’re all human), try a simple chicken or bone broth. These calorie-neutral bowls offer you much-needed nutrients, salts, and electrolytes. And in the case of bone broth, gelatin in the broth itself can help to ease an upset stomach, aid digestion and, you guessed it, promote weight loss.


There’s been some contention in recent years over whether egg yolks are the cholesterol devils we once thought they were. We’re of the opinion they aren’t. Try a healthy daily intake of one egg for breakfast (and two one weekend mornings) for better health and lower weight.


And there you have it. In the quest to lose weight, eating the right foods can seem like a nightmare of different opinions, conflicting news, and old wives’ tales. We hope that in today’s list of fat burning foods, you find something that inspires your next breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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