How do I know which CBD company is good?

Drs. Philip and Angela Rodger
Owners of Synchrony Chiropractic

There are A LOT of different CBD companies out there to choose. The real question that you should be asking yourself before you buy, is “Which companies are good ones?”

The first thing that I would say when looking to purchase CBD products is DO NOT buy any CBD products from a gas station or a supermarket. Those ones are typically going to be mass produced and will have their product sources from all kinds of places and sometimes they don’t know how the plants were grown or processed.

You really do need to do a good amount of research on your companies before you purchase these kinds of products. CBD products are only recently becoming regulated in the state of Florida. There have been numerous third party testing done on products in the past that have shown items labeled as having CBD in them actually had very little and sometimes none at all!

At Synchrony Chiropractic we only carry CBD products from two companies in our office that have a proven track record of efficacy and reliability of having in them what they actually say is in there.

The two companies that we use are CBD Clinic and the Synchronicity PRO Line.Both companies have been around for a very long time and are all third party tested and verified. Both of these products are only able to be purchased through a provider and you cannot just buy them from anywhere.

CBD Clinic only has topical products that you will put directly on your skin to help with aches and pains in your muscles and joints. While CBD Clinic does have a variety of strengths of their products we have chosen to only carry their Level 4 and Level 5 products due to our testing and them having the best results for our clients. CBD Clinic not only has CBD in them but they also have camphor and menthol which will have a similar feeling and smell to products like Icy Hot.

Synchronicity PRO products on the other hand has both topical and ingestible products and we carry both of them. The topical CBD product from the Synchronicity PRO line does have a lower concentration of CBD in it compared to the Level 4 and Level 5 CBD clinic products. However, some people do not like the smell of Icy Hot products and the benefit of the Synchronicity is that it does not have any of the camphor or menthol in it. The other thing that I like about the Synchronicity PRO line topical compared to CBD Clinic is that it is less refined and is green because it is full spectrum and has the whole plant product in it.

The ingestible product that the Synchronicity PRO line has comes in a dropper bottle and you put the drops under your tongue and this can give you a more systemic effect helping with sleep, digestive issues, chronic inflammation and more. We will get more into HOW the CBD products help these types of things in another vlog post later though.

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